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What is Imlant?
     Instead of missing teeth, artificial teeth are made using materials suitable for the body of the person placed to restore function and appearance.
Advantages of Dental Implant
1- The necessity of using a moving prosthesis is eliminated.
2 - Aesthetic appearance is achieved.
3-According to the moving prosthesis, etobil and conservative prosthesis are applied.
4-A better chewing function and accordingly a healthier diet is provided.
5 - There is a chance to use fixed prosthesis even in toothless mouths.
Is Every Patient Implantable?
    Radiographically, it is necessary to have the height and width to accept the implant screw. As long as the implant is in the mouth and the implant is in the mouth, the gums should be completely healthy. If the general health condition of the patient is good, There is no upper age limit.
 Do I feel pain when implanting?
    In case of appropriate anesthesia methods, the patient does not feel pain. General or local anesthesia can be preferred according to the preference of the patient during the operation. The pain that can be heard on the day the implant is placed can be relieved with painkillers. In general, our patients indicate that this pain is not different from the pain felt after tooth extraction.