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Tooth Health

How Long Do I Have To Do My Child's Oral Hygiene?

Mothers and fathers want their children to pay attention to mouth cleanliness. But they do not know when and how they should start cleaning their mouths. On top of that, dentists emphasize that the sooner we start to gain good dental hygiene habits, the greater the likelihood of having healthy and beautiful teeth in the future.

The most important thing for children's dental health is to care for children's teeth from the first months of life. If the milk teeth are healthy, the chances of permanent teeth becoming stronger. It should not be forgotten that good oral hygiene habits include cleaning teeth in the morning and evening, visiting dentists and avoiding snacks between meals.

The sooner you start, the better. With birth you can clean your baby's gums by using baby-made special baby creams or by wiping with a clean cloth. Do not start teeth to brush your teeth brush your teeth twice a day using a baby toothpaste without fluoride or just soft, age-appropriate toothbrush with water. You can start to use low-fluoride children's paste between 2-3 years old.

The toothpaste you use will have to be worth the work. Toothpaste can be used in pea size from 3-5 years. Children do not have the ability to brush their teeth effectively at an early age. For this reason, parents should help their children brush their teeth until 7-8 years old.